Washer & Dryer Repair

Washer-Dryer Repair

Your washer-dryer combo is a household staple. When the laundry loads up and you're left wondering what's wrong with one or the other, there's an unruly stress. Fret no more, if you reside in the Lancaster area, you're in luck, as Trent's Repair Service are the most trusted team for all your washer or dryer needs.

Some Simple Suggestions

If you want to maintain your washer, its best to look into the following:

• Clear the lint filter: Your machine will generally warn you when the lint filter needs to be cleaned. We advise that you do so every second or third wash for best results.

• Run a hot cycle: Over time, there's a film that will build up inside the machine, which can lead to not washing as well, or making your clothes smell. Run the machine on a hot cycle with no clothing in it once a month to overcome this issue.

• Clear the drain filter: Do this once a month, or you risk your machine flooding. It takes two minutes and can save you a lot of hassle later on.

If you're thinking about playing around with your dryer, you should consider looking into your lint or duct exhaust prior. Anything more complex, then we're here to help! Don't take your dryer for granted, it's a major piece of machinery and one wrong move could cause a world of pain.

Our team will provide affordable services, in the half the time! What makes it even better is the fact we get the best deals on all the latest parts.

When to get a professional?

The Drum is Spinning, But There's No Heat

You're best looking at the following:

• Fuse issues

• Faulty thermostats

• Heating coil issues

• Old thermostat switches

• Out of sync timers

These are best suited for a professional!

Dryer Drum is Not Revolving

This most likely caused by a break in the belt. Another common culprit is the roller, which would need replacing.


In most cases there may be an issue with clogging. Try turning the dryer off; letting it cool. You should then ensure vent and lint snare have no blockages. If this is the case, try clearing it out. Further issues may be caused by the heating coil or thermostat.

Check your power is making it to the machine. Are there functioning lights? If not the case, please check the following:

• Tripped breakers

• Power cord issues

• If it's plugged in

• That the electrical outlet is functioning

The Washer Isn't Switching On

Make sure all plugs are in correctly. You may need to find an alternate outlet. If issues persist, contact us.

Lack of Drainage

Drainage issues serve multiple concerns. Ensure there isn't a clog, and confirm the hose that water is drained from is working.

No spin

A lack of spin could be down to the cycle. Check whether you've inputted the wrong setting.

There's a Leak

Leakages are easy fixes. There's no cause for stress. Get in touch today!

You Get the Shakes


• That the floor underneath is level

• That the load is balanced and not too big

• That the feet are correctly positioned; most machines have adjustable feet

• That you've removed the stabilizer blocks if it's new

Issues persisting? You know who to contact!

It's Loud

Noises can be the norm. Even if you've got a quiet washer, still expect some sound. If you find the sound abnormal, then there may be an issue. Ensure all loads are balanced. If so, check there's no extras in the machine, such as loose change or shoes, which may cause audible sound.

It's Time for Repairs?

It's as easy as calling, emailing or submitting the form on our site! We guaranteed affordable repairs at a premium quality!