Ice Maker Repair

Ice Maker Repair

If you've ever dealt with making ice manually with an ice tray or having to store a cumbersome bag of ice somewhere, you know that it's messy, inconvenient and time-consuming. Having an ice maker built into your refrigerator is a luxury. So, when it breaks down unexpectedly, it can be very frustrating. However, you won't have to give up your ice-cold drink forever.

If you live in Balch Springs, TX, then give Just East Appliance Repair a call. Our team of certified technicians will be able to pinpoint the issue in no time and offer you the highest quality repairs. We have worked with every make and brand in the current market.

Calling Us

Our team is warm and friendly. We welcome new customers with open arms and will help you any way we can. You may not want to call us for simple issues that you can fix yourself. Here are some common issues that you can face with your ice maker.

The Pause Button

As silly as this seems, the pause button may have accidentally been pressed. You should also double-check that the ice bin isn't full. The machine will pause itself if it senses that the ice bin is full.

The Thermostat

Check the owner's manual to see what the ideal temperature for your ice maker is. If the temperature is too low, it might cause the water to freeze before it can get through the ice mold.

The Control Arm

Most ice makers come with an adjustable arm that moves as the ice bin fills. Once the bin is full, the arm changes position and pauses the machine. Make sure that you empty the ice bin and ensure that the arm is working properly.

The Filter

The machine won't work if there are clogs in the filter or water line. Read the instructor's manual on the best ways to clean the filter and the waterline.

Malfunctioning valves

This is where we come in. If cleaning out the filter doesn't work and there are no blockages in the line, then the valve may need replacing.

Unplug the Machine

To check that the line hasn't frozen, unplug the machine and turn off the water. You can also use a hairdryer set on low to speed up the process. Whatever you do, don't let the hairdryer touch the line or any water. If you turn the machine back on and the water doesn't run or it's a strange color, then give us a call.

Less Ice Than Usual

Out of one hundred cases, ninety-nine of them involve clogs in the line or the latter is beginning to freeze. Try the above tips before giving us a call.


Check to see if the refrigerator is on a level surface. Check to see that the line has not been damaged or compromised. Finally, check to make sure that the fill cup is in the right alignment. If everything looks normal, then call us. Leaks can grow to be bigger problems later on down the line.

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