Freezer Repair

Freezer Repair

Faulty freezer? DIY is not the option. Get in touch today and we'll have it back up to scratch ASAP.

When your freezer decides to stop running, it's a potential disaster. This situation could be an expensive exercise, while also potentially causing safety risks. To ensure you avoid this, get your machine refurbished by a member of expert ream. By getting the situation sorted quickly, you can avoid nasty bills and spoilt food.

This is where we come in. Our team is highly skilled, with a wealth of knowledge in freezer repairs. We can get the job done quickly, ensuring there are no lingering hassles.

Common Problems We Experience

No matter your freezer model, we have the tools and expertise to fix your machine. We deal with a wide range of freezer appliances, no fuss involved. If you run into any of the listed issues below - give us a call!

Machine won't turn on

If your freezer is connected but won't turn on, ensure its correctly plugged in or a break has not been tripped. If there is no fix, contact us.

The freezer is not cooling at all

If you find this to be affecting you, your first step should be to assess whether the door was left ajar or if the settings on the temperature control were not tinkered. If there are no noticeable signs of concern, then we'll be able to thoroughly analyze the concern.

Excessive cooling

If there is excessive cooling, there may be an issue with an overload of frost. If you notice your pipes are excreting frost, don't wait in contacting us, as this could make the problem worse than first thought.

Unpredictable temperature

If your temperature is inconsistent, it may damage the food in your freezer. Temperature inconsistencies can sometimes be attributed to debris and dust, however, there may be a more sinister issue at hand. Luckily for you, our team of trained experts are here to help with any and all of your freezer needs.

Malfunctioning door gaskets

This minor concern can cause a large amount of energy expenditure. Assess the door gasket by attempting to extract a bill when the door is shut. If you're able to do this, there may be an issue with the seals, which would need assessment and repair from a professional.

Bizarre sounds when the freezer is working

This could be due to a faulty motor or compressor. Our team of experts can efficiently diagnose the concern and adhere to it correspondingly.

Other indications

Other concerns that can compromise normal function include:

• Defective defrost control timers

• Faulty evaporator fans

• Faulty safety switches

If you find any of the issues listed above, stop yourself from attempting to remedy these. By doing so, you'll avoid causing even more damaged than first thought.

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