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Appliance Brands We Work With

Here at Just East Appliance Repair, we work with everyday household appliances from ranging from everything in the kitchen including the oven and fridge all the way to the laundry room with your washer and dryer. Every major brand and retailer new or old is something we can help you fix.

The following is a list of some of the ones we work with:


With each passing year, their line of products is always surpassing the expectations of themselves and their competition. Despite this, they still haven't found the secret sauce to prevent wear and tear but that should be no issue.

Gracing us with quality for nearly a century, Samsung provides efficiency and a long warranty for their line which means you're going to get every penny's worth.


Frigidaire is a common sight to see in the appliances and electronics sections of most department stores. They've garnered popularity over the years by being the best which means longevity and quality amongst their product line.


If you have an industrial-sized anything such as a restaurant or food hall then you need to roll with some Viking, also known as Middleby, their parent corporation. They've been servicing cooks and chefs for plenty of years and that's because they can handle the work.


Here in Balch Springs, there are quite a bit of Maytag appliances that we see. It might be a TX thing but something tells us that it isn't. Their washers and dryers have cleaned who knows how many pounds of clothes. Their sleek design coupled with durability is what makes them so attractive.


Another powerhouse that rivals the company above, LG makes an astounding array of modern kitchen appliances. They have windows and smart technology embedded in their line to make living that much more convenient and seamless. Our techs are always up to date and can help you more than even their manuals can.


This brand is liked a used car. Affordable and gets the job done consistently. There's a reason they've had so much success for so long and are constantly outdoing themselves year after year. We work with their brands a lot due to their popularity and expert engineering.


One of the oldest appliances brands around GE is another company that takes innovation to a new level. It's what has kept them thriving for so long. They have up to date technology but nothing with too many bells and whistles. Just enough to last and get the job done.


This is another household name in many homes. Their commercials are probably stuck ringing in your head as you read this. They're susceptible to break down just like any other brand but they sure are their money's worth.

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